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Innovative ideas stylish designs

Our mission is to create a custom space that translates your vision and enhances your brand through design, engineering, and production.

How We work

We deliver end to end space creation.  This goes from design, to prototyping, to testing all the way through to installation.



Site surveys, rollout planning, budgeting & brand intake are a few of the steps in our discovery process.



Our NCIDQ accredited design team leads you through interior & space design with 3D designs, finish samples for color & tactile, & value engineering to match use & budget.



Onsite prototyping allows for short cycles to get clients a prototype. Included in this is durability testing & BIFMA testing. Our vertical integration allows us to move quickly to production.


Project Management

1 location or 100, our project management team will map & manage a project plan from budgeting to timelines all the way through installation.



Our state of the art 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facility outside of Chicago, Illinois creates efficiencies for delivering on time.


Delivery & Installation

We take responsibility for our design & products getting from us to installed (not just delivered).

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Rockdale, Illinois

When Seating Concepts was acquired in 2001 by Bill Overton it was built on the simple idea that passion and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of success. Today we stand even more committed to that idea.


In the Spring of 2020, during an extremely disruptive economy, Phil Marrone and Dan Scandiff saw an opportunity to purchase and strengthen a well-established company that catered to restaurants, education and gaming.  We saw a company that was deeply rooted in quality American manufacturing and driven by great people and production expertise.


We also recognized the current brand, with a great foundation already in place, had room to evolve and expand into different markets. While companies in our industry are downsizing and looking for ways to cut costs, we are doing the opposite. Because we believe in our people and our relationships with our customers, we are building a path to increase our workforce expand our capabilities and develop higher standards.


With us augmenting our team’s leadership, we needed to further encapsulate our mission. This was not taken lightly, and we saw it as an evolution of the company, not a pivot. We also firmly believe that if you listen to your customers, they will help you create a roadmap to reach our goals.


With this vision in mind, our new mission statement is,

“To create a custom space that translates your vision and enhances your brand through design, engineering, and production.”

So, despite our unprecedented challenges in 2020 we are ready to evolve our company and enhance our brand even further. We are going into 2021 stronger than we were a year ago. Although we cannot predict what will happen this year, we at SCI are focusing on the positives and planning for growth.

Many of you reading this have worked with Seating Concepts for years and know that we do more than just seating. We deliver design, engineering, customer service, prototyping, product testing, project management, graphics, installation and yes, of course, high-quality American made products. In 2021 our brand name and appearance will evolve to fully match the level and breadth of services and products we provide. On your end, as a customer, you can expect even better service, more solutions and broader product offerings.  Phil, myself and the SCI Team are excited about the evolution, so please be on the lookout for these changes and our new look in 2021.

“It is not what we say or think, but what we do that defines us.”- Jane Austen

Phil Marrone &  Dan Scandiff