Face Shields for Restaurants

Full-face protective wear that create positive brand experiences.

The most versatile & durable solution for providing a safe environment while allowing your brand to shine through.

$5.80/unit for 50 pack

Packs of 10, 25 or 50

For orders over 50 units


Hat not included

The Face Shield by Cap Guard was designed to address the need for personal protection in restaurant settings, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for safety, communication, comfort, durability & connection are the core values of this product.   Every product is manufactured in the United States of America.

Seating Concepts is an Allied Member & COVID-19 resource partner of The National Restaurant Association.  Cap Guard Face Shields help advance & protect America’s restaurant & foodservice industry.

First Impressions

Front-line employee represents the tip of the spear in conveyance of brand image & brand messaging. The most effective weapon in the employee’s arsenal is their smile.  The innovative & patent pending face shield has become the clear choice in face covering options in the restaurant industry. 


Reduced Face Touching  

Unlike traditional mask coverings, users are less prone to touching their face

Facial Recognition

Mobile phone facial recognition compatible


Easy Communication

Your  lips are seen & heard. Your mouth is visible & your emotions are better expressed (ie smiling)

Full Face & Eye Protection

Offers 180 degree protection from saliva or any other unwanted droplets


Lightweight, durable and easy to install


Reduces the amount of waste & cost


Easily cleaned & disinfected

When testing a flu-laden cough, “wearing a face shield reduced the inhalational exposure of the worker by 96% in the period immediately after a cough.”

“Face Shields offer a number of advantages. While medical masks have limited durability and little potential for reprocessing, face shields can be reused indefinitely and are easily cleaned with soap and water, or common household disinfectants. They are comfortable to wear, protect the portals or viral entry, and reduce the potential for autoinoculation by preventing the wearer from touching their face.”

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Ordering Made Easy

Face shields provide a face covering alternative that facilitates interpersonal communication skills by permitting visibility of one’s face. When asking questions about meal selection & ordering food, visual lip movement & smiles create a better experience.


Get ready To be amazed

These People are

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This mask is great. Very clear, light weight, and easy to attach. After the first few minutes of wearing it, I forgot I had it on. I had purchased another brand before buying this one; threw them away, they were not very stable or clear. These are a great value for the price. Oh, the shorter the bill on your cap, the more protection there is on the side of your face. Stay safe everyone.
J G.
J G.
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As a hairdresser returning to 10-12 hour workdays, wearing a mask has been tough! My clients whom I consider my friends couldn't see my genuine smile when they arrived or my gratitude for their generosity. Not to mention the consulting challenge, which resulted in a frustrating, "I can't hear you" or "what did you say." The option of a face shield that can attach to my hat allows me to breathe easily and portray a sense of normality for my guests! More importantly, I feel SAFE wearing this because it protects my face on all sides and is long enough to shield the client when I'm working with them! Thank you for this amazing product - HAIR STYLIST APPROVED!
K I.
K I.
Avid Golfer
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My local golf league enjoyed a worry-free round of golf with Cap Guard. A few of my friends were concerned about socializing and did not want to wear a mask. Along with feeling safe and protected, we were able to comfortably enjoy smiles, laughter, and some great shots! Cap Guard ... it's for more than a work environment
John Doe
John Doe
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Great product! I struggle with breathing using face masks. This is a great alternative that allows you to be both comfortable and safe. I also love the kids version, my daughter had no issue keeping it on. I feel safer about sending her back to school in Sept due to Cap Guard. Thanks for making such as great product!