Everyone Likes the Seaside!

Our Most Popular QSR Chair

The Sea Side Chair is timeless. With its streamlined frame, it acts like a chameleon fitting it almost any design style with a simple change in coating or seat finish. Its lightweight frame allows for easy maneuverability and easy maintenance without sacrificing style and comfort.

  • AM-200
  • As seen in Popeyes, Arbys, Pizza Hut, Krystal, and Gyro Shack


  • Seaside chair has all QSR’s on board with its style and quality
  • Affordable, modern, versatile
  • Highlight variety of options available – include install shots of each option/finish
    • Powder coat colors
    • Hardwood seat
    • Upgrade vinyl/fabrics
  • Construction of chair
    • Durability, strength, comfort
    • Manufacturer confidence
      • Show clean welds
      • 5 year warranty
      • BIFMA Standards
      • Made in Rockdale, IL
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