Product Cleaning and Care

Material Safety Features

With health and cleanliness being a top priority, it is important to have confidence in the products in your spaces. Seating Concepts commonly use laminate, vinyl/fabric, and solid surface as finish materials that your customers interact with when dining. We take pride in partnering with companies that hold their products to high standards and offer additional safety features to ensure you are confident in your space.



Our partners have enhanced antimicrobial protection that is not a protective coating, but a protective feature built into the decorative layer of the surface so it will not wear off with time. The feature protects the surface against microbes such as stains, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The Antimicrobial Protection can be built into countertops and work surfaces to help keep your surfaces cleaner.



Many of our partner’s fabrics also contain an Antimicrobial Protective feature. In addition, they also offer fabrics with a Moisture Barrier and that are Bleach-Solution Cleanable. All of our partner’s products have a Care Guide with information on how to best clean and care for that specific item.


Solid Surface

Our solid surface products contain features to help keep your surfaces clean. Solid Surfaces are durable and not affected by cleaners such as Ammonia, Strong Detergents, Oxalic Acid Solutions, etc. They also have a guide for the proper way to clean and fare for your Solid Surfaces.

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